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Searching for the very cheapest car insurance? Congratulations. Would you believe that more than 60 percent of drivers still pay far more for their insurance then they should do, because they just accept renewal quotations, or the first quote they get from a highly advertised insurer, rather than searching for the lowest possible price?

It isn't as though it's very difficult. Simply by comparing quotes on a popular price comparison site can save money for the majority of drivers. Even those who shop for quotes however often pay more than they should. Paying for a policy monthly, instead of yearly, for example, can add enormously to the cost of cover. And yet around 55 percent of motorists do pay for their insurance in this way!

Another way in which motorists lose money is by looking for third-party only policies because they think that they are cheaper than comprehensive ones. Generally speaking, they are not! Whilst third-party cover used to be by far the cheapest way of getting insurance, that belongs to the past now. Since those days insurers have realised that clients who ask for this type of cut price cover are far more likely to make claims. The result of this is that insurers have slowly but surely pushed up the cost of third-party cover until in most cases it is now far more expensive to buy insurance this way than to get fully comp cover which offers far more benefits.

So how do you get this cheaper insurance?

The first essential is to compare quotes with a good price comparison site. That is not all you can do however. There are a few wrinkles which could save you a great deal of money.

Get quotes early

Research has proven that insurance companies offer better prices to people who get their insurance policies organised in good time. Those who choose and buy a policy a month before their existing one expires and comes up for renewal can expect a much lower price than those who leave it right until the last minute.

Add a more experienced driver to the policy

If you have not had a lot of driving experience then putting a close relative with a clean driving record on the policy as well may reduce your premium substantially. Insurance companies like to see that there is at least one person on the policy with a great deal of experience. This is because that person will not want to lose a no claims bonus if you happen to bump the car.

Consider getting a black box fitted

A black box records how you drive your car and many insurance companies are now insisting on these for every motorist they insure. Because people are having their driving monitoring they have a much greater incentive to drive in a safe and considerate manner. Those who exceed speed limits, corner too sharply or break hard too often are likely to get warnings from their insurers. They may also find that their cover has been withdrawn completely if they commit too many offences, so it is even more important than usual that if you have a black box fitted you develop safe driving habits.

Increase your voluntary excess

Offering to pay a higher access signifies to the insurance company that you intend to drive carefully. This often encourages them to offer you a lower premium. This is something to be careful about though; remember that in the event of a claim you will not only have to pay this voluntary excess, but also the inevitable compulsory excess, before the insurance company settles your claim so it is important to ensure that the total sum is one you can afford.